Drop-In Center

What are Drop-In Centers?

The Mental Health Association of East Central Florida (MHA) Drop-in Centers are places where individuals with a mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders can go to socialize with their peers, increase their coping skills for remaining in recovery, learn new skills that increase creativity, or just be in a place that encourages self-determination, compassion and offers a safe place to just be.

MHA Drop-in Centers offer a wide variety of activities in which individuals may participate. This includes frequent outing to various community recreational areas, local stores and businesses for shopping, or maybe even dining at a local restaurant.

Drop-In Centers provide a safe place where individuals diagnosed with a mental illness and/or co-occurring disorder can gather to be around others who are experiencing mental illnesses as well. The environment provides opportunities to participate in support groups and other activities that encourage wellness and recovery.

Drop-In Centers provide a safe alternative to the streets or other places that do not offer safety and compassion.

Drop-In Centers offer an environment where individuals can have an active voice and be involved in decision making, planning activities and to have a voice in their daily lives.

“I can actually talk to someone when I start feeling depressed. It helps so much to know that others are going through the same thing.” - Thomas

Drop-In Center Mission Statement ...

The mission of the MHA Drop-In Center Program is to provide compassion, empowerment skills and encourage socialization in a safe environment for persons diagnosed with a mental illness and/or co-occurring disorder.

“I finally have friends who know and understand my illness. Thanks to the Drop-In Center I can be myself again.” -Britney

MHA’s Drop-In Centers provide services aimed at:

  • Fostering self-selection
  • Fostering self-determination
  • Improving socialization skills
  • Increasing mutual support networks
  • Fostering empowerment
  • Fostering autonomy
  • Providing safety and respect

Studies support that overall participants at Drop-In Centers had a DECREASE in :

  • Suicide rate
  • Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Hospitalizations
  • Stressors

Studies support that overall participants at Drop-In Centers had an INCREASE in :

  • Quality of life
  • Social support
  • Problem solving ability
  • Self-esteem
  • Feeling in control of their life
  • Hope about their future
  • Length of time between hospitalizations
  • Length of time in recovery

View a litst of Drop-In Center Locations here or if you are intrested in supporting the Drop-In Centers you can make a tax deductible contribution to the Mental Health America.

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